Ducati Diavel

So I got to check out the new Ducati Diavel the last two days.  Last night, the local dealer had an unveiling of the newest model in the Ducati line-up.  It was a pretty fun time.  They had music, free food and drinks.  They also had a 45 min riders clinic with an instructor from Rawhyde Adventures.  I sat in on that and had a good time while picking up a few trail riding tips.  Go AZ put on a pretty fair show.  Since it was a Ducati gig, there were a fair amount of neat customer rides…

Hacienda Harley Davidson was having a block party at the same time.  So it was a little hard to hear the Ducati presentation at times due to the HD riders getting froggy.  Check out the smoke screen generated by one of their many burn out contests.

So anyhow, here are a few photos from the presentation…

The best part of it all was the next day, when they were offering demo rides…

This is a very fun bike to ride.

Pimp my KTM

So the KTM is in the shop since I got it out of the mud.  It is undergoing a little plastic surgery and soon will be sporting some new bling.  Safari tanks, maybe a new 2-into-1 exhaust, and some panniers, are in store for the Katoom.  Hopefully in another week or so, everything will be bolted on and I can take her out for some romping.

Note to self…

Stay off the GWT, North of Bloody Basin when wet!

So I found out, the hard way, the limits of my KTM in it’s current state. The street tires and front fender were both victims of my last attempt to traverse the Northern portion of the GWT. It rained a couple days prior, but all the main forest roads were all in great shape. However, I tried to get to I17 via NF-68D and got stuck halfway up a hill. I gave up trying to climb it, the mud was so bad, and was back-tracking my way down. I was halfway down when I biffed it and put the bike in a muddy ditch. I ended up making a campfire (it was 34 degrees out) and hanging out for about 4 hours until a Deputy picked me up and dropped me in town at McDs.

I had to pay a towing company to get my bike out for me 2 days later. The bike is ok, a bit busted up and scratched, but is getting polished up at the dealer. I’m looking forward to getting out and trying out my new Kifaru Tipi, so once the KTM is back, I’m headed to White Tanks to do a night of camping.

Great Western Trail

I got to do my first real solo  off road trip on the GWT in late Feb/2011.  There were a couple issues with my Garmin Zumo 665, but other than that, everything real well.  The weather was great, 52F-65F most of the way.  I got on the road around 10AM and headed for Cave Creek Road & Pima Road.  I had hoped to find a gas station there, but ended up going West a couple miles to the Shell station.  After messing with gas and my GPS at the station for about 20 minutes, I was on the road again.


The next stop was 7 Springs…

At my next stop, I had lunch and relaxed a little bit.


Hello world!

I came up with a new domain tonight and thought I’d try to assemble a new website under a new moniker.  This is just some filler but hopefully there will be some decent content here soon.

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