Imposter on my RC51!

My good friend Andrew was in town from Michigan this past week.  He’s the ostentatious owner of a GSXR-1000 and the little brother of my best friend.  I had originally planned on us riding my RC51 and my KTM.  However, the KTM is being a bitch right now and is out of commission.  Thankfully, Andrew didn’t mind renting a Ninja 650R for a day.  So we cruised up the GWT until the pavement ended.  Then we backtracked on Cave Creek Rd, down to Bartlett Lake Rd. on down to the Bartlett lake marina.  After that, we cruised home for some forgotten sunblock and a short rest.  It got up to 100 degrees F this day.  After a short rest, we continued on to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flats.  We again took the road as far as it went, until the pavement ended.  Overall, it was hot, but I had a great time hanging with my friend.  Hopefully, next time you make it down Andrew, the KTM will be in running order and you can finally check it out.

Here’s Andrew, big pimping, on the two bikes…

KTM is still busted…


The KTM is still busted 🙁

I missed my bike pick-up appointment last Weds., but it was worth it.  I got to head up to Jerome with some close friends of mine.

Anyhow, I have another appointment for this coming Weds.  So I hope to get the damn KTM up and running for good.  Since I bought it last Nov., I feel as if it has been in the shop almost half the time I’ve owned it…

My KTM hates me…

So I tried to make a clockwise run from the GWT -> Bloody Basin Rd. -> Sheep Bridge -> Horseshoe Dam, but the KTM failed me.  I was 3 miles from my furthest point away from home, and the damn bike crapped out on me.  For some crazy reason, the kickstand sensor went belly up.  So anytime I tried to put the bike into gear, it would kill the engine.  It thought the kickstand was down (IT WASN’T), and wouldn’t let me shift into gear.  I tried disconnecting the sensor but that didn’t work, nor did cutting the wires twisting them together.

So I’m basically 80 miles from home, on a rather desolate trail, a few hours before sunset, with a worthless KTM.  Thankfully a really nice couple, (Thanks Brendan and Amanda!!!) found me walking down the road.  Not only did they give me a ride out of the wilderness, they drove me all the way home.  How cool was that?!  I got so damn lucky to meet these really nice people.  Then Scott helped me recover the bike the following day with his awesome Toyota truck.  So finally after a 12 hour day, I am kicking it at home and my KTM is in the garage.  I do hope the dealer will cover this issue, it clearly is a warranty issue.

Cruising around Westworld today…

So I went to have lunch with a friend today and took the KTM.  After a nice lunch at Freddy’s and chilling with my friend.  I took the “scenic” route home and played around the Westworld area.  It was a bit warm out today, but I still enjoyed myself.

Here’s the Westworld overflow parking area.  I love the McDowell Regional Park mountains in the background.

This is a nice little picnic bench near the Southeast area of Westworld.  Westworld was wide open today and I rode around the entire property.  There were no signs saying stay out, and no one chased me away, even after multiple slow figure 8’s in their big giant inner asphalt lot.  There were tons of skid marks from the stunter shows a few weeks earlier for bike week.

After bumming around Westworld, I took off to explore a gravel road leaving the property and going under a local bridge.  It ran along a canal for awhile before merging with a golf course.  There were a few offshoots from the trail I was on, but all of them were marked for walking/bikes only.

Finally got the KTooM back!

After many delays and missed ETAs, I finally got my bike back. Go AZ took good care of my ride and installed a ton of new parts…

High Fender Kit
Conti TKC80 Tires
GPS + XM Antenna Touratech Mounts
Large Sidestand Foot
Handlebar Risers
Lift Handle
Crash Bars for Safari Tanks
Folding Brake Lever Tip
BDCW Side Stand Relocation Kit & bash plate
European Headlight + Euro Switch
950/990 Adventure Tripmaster Switch
Safari Tanks
Renthal Orange KTM Bend Handlebars
Folding Mirrors
Oxford KTM Heated Grip Set
ZypTy Racing KTM Footpeg Extension Kit & Axel Quick Adjust
KTM Big Windscreen

Here’s a crummy phone cam pic


7 Springs Milk Run…

Well I got laid off from my job this past Friday.  I can’t say I didn’t see it coming, but I had hoped it wouldn’t be so soon.  Anyhow, now that I have a lot more free time, I decided to grab Lola and go scope out a campsite for a future trip.  I decided on 7 Springs since I’ve been through the area before on my KTM.

I was a little nervous to be taking the Scion.  I have TRD suspension and it rides a little more than an inch lower than a regular xB.  All-in-all, it worked out just fine.  I had to go real slow in a lot of areas, but the xBizzle made it there and back with flying colors.  I don’t think Lola enjoyed the ride in and out all that much, but I know she had a good time once we got there.


Overland Expo

I made a last minute trip on Friday 4/1 down to Amado, AZ. to see the Overland Expo.  It didn’t go as planned, but I did make it out and back safely.  I kind of overdid it on Friday and by Saturday morning I was feeling ill.  Sadly, I ended up cutting my 2 day trip short and went home.  I did have a really good time on Friday though, it was great meeting new people and all the great gear and vehicles.

I finally made it after driving 3 hours from Scottsdale, AZ.  There were 4 car wrecks, 1 serious, so traffic was pretty lame most of the way down there.  I saw one person getting hauled off on a stretcher.  Her car had flipped in the middle median.

On the way into the expo, you walked by the Land Rover demo driving area.  Once I got my day pass, I made my way over to get signed up for a drive.  I got to drive one of their 550HP, 0-60MPH = 4 second monsters that costs $90,000 base MSRP.  It was a hoot!

After that, I made my way over to the Moto Village to check out BMW, Touratech, Black Dog Cycle Works, and many more.  It was nice to talk to the owner of BDCW and the various other vendors.  As a new dual-sport rider, there was a lot of good information presented.  I signed up to ride some of the BMWs on Sat., but sadly I never made it.

Bartlett Lake on the RC51

I am so lucky to have time to make a run out to Bartlett Lake today. I got on the road around 3PM and made my way North on Pima Rd. The view is very nice once you start coming into the Cave Creek area. I should stop and take some pictures, but I was feeling great and the wind was cool. Good thing I didn’t stop, as it turns out,i forgot my camera. Ha! I’m such a retard. Good thing I can use my iPhone cam as a backup. Anyhow, I took Cave Creek Rd. as far as the asphalt lasted. As you make your way into Seven Springs, you’ll see a “pavement ends” sign and the asphalt ending shortly thereafter. After pulling off to the side of the road, I took a few minutes to relax and take in the visuals. The sky is clear and there is no one around as far as the eye can see.

After that, I backtracked to Bartlett Dam Rd. and started my way down to the lake. This is a very nice ride and well worth going, even if you are stuck in a car 😉

Here is a pic down by the boat launch…


The low fuel warning light popped on shortly before I made it down to the launch. There wasn’t much going on and since I was here the day before, I didn’t stick around too long. I made my way back to Cave Creek and had good fun gassing the RC through the turns and straights. Here’s a smoggy, crummy phone cam picture of the way back to Scottsdale…




If you live here or are visiting with access to a vehicle, it would be worth it to take a drive out to Bartlett, especially on a motorcycle!