BackupPC is magic…

February 3, 2012 · Posted in Geekness 

Well, I’ve been using BackupPC for about half a year now. I’m pretty happy with it. For an open source application, it is pretty polished. At the several businesses where I’ve been asked to pitch a backup application for LAMP server farms, I’ve had great success with this software. I love open source. It is definitely a way to to knock out backups for your LAMP server with minimal cost. Providing a company or individual has the in-house talent to set it up (it ain’t rocket science!), your cost for a robust, enterprise capable backup application, is limited to your hardware costs.

Now, recently I ran into a problem with BackupPC, running on CentOS 5.7. After a yum update, when trying to process a backup job, BackupPC would error out with a Compress::Zlib error. After much google-fu, I came across this guy’s solution. Doing a force install on CPAN solved my problem. Hope this helps someone else.


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