2014 Overland Expo & Lava River Cave…

June 17, 2014 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

The GF and I jumped in her Toyota 4Runner and took a nice 4 Day weekend up north recently.  We went to the 2014 Overland Expo West at Mormon Lake on Saturday and stayed the night.  We had a wonderful time driving $100k Land Rovers on the off-road course and talking to worldly travelers like Dan and cool vendors like Bobby.  We brought food to cook over a fire, but all of Coconino county is under a fire restriction, so that sucked.  We ended up eating some great food from some of the food trucks on site.  The next day, we drove up to Flagstaff and had breakfast, then drove further north to visit the Lava River Cave.  That was fun and I’d like to go visit again someday.  I’m hoping to spend the whole weekend at the Overland Expo next year and partake of the many seminars and classes they offer.

Sheep Bridge Camping Trip…

February 22, 2014 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

The GF and I took a 3 day camping trip to Sheep Bridge.  We had a great time and it was nice to get away from it all.  We took N. Seven Springs Rd. (FR-24) from N. Phx, all the way up to Bloody Basin Rd. (FR-269), then headed East until we hit the bridge.  We scored a nice spot just South of the bridge.  It was just a little too warm during the day (make sure you have an awning or some type of shade!) and quite cold at night.  All in all, we had a really good time.  The only negative was a convoy of Jeeps that came through on Sunday afternoon.  They were there to party and we had to listen to their bass bumping music for about 3-4 hours before they finally left.  Seriously, if you go overland to places like sheep bridge, or other areas where there are people camping in the area, don’t be an asshole and bump your stereo loudly for hours on end.  Other campers are out there to get away from noise like that…  Anyhow, we intended to take FR-269 all the way back to I-17, but we got a flat tire right away on our way out.  So we decided to be prudent and take FR-24 back from Bloody Basin, since it was a shorter distance back to civilization (and road side service should we need it).

So I made it out to Vegas again…

November 1, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

The birthday girl and I headed to Las Vegas for the week of Halloween 2013.  We had a good time and I saw a lot of Vegas strip.  We also spent the day out at the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  For Halloween, we cruised up to Fremont St. and had a lot of fun, dancing in the streets.

Fremont Street - Halloween 2013

North Rim of the Grand Canyon…

August 16, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

I took my lovely GF up to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was awesome, even though it rained a bit.  We cut through Schnebly Hill after passing through Sedona.  The views were amazing, but damn that is a bumpy 4×4 trail.  We then headed up to Schultz Pass, but about halfway through, the gates were closed/locked.  We stopped at Navajo Bridge and then hit up Jacob’s Inn before heading down AZ-67 towards our eventual camping grounds.  Everything is so beautiful around the Grand Canyon!


Apache Trail to Globe, AZ. and back…

August 8, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

In August of 2013, my awesome girlfriend & I, along with my friends Scott & Mandi, headed out to Globe, Arizona via Tortilla Flats, Canyon Lake, the Roosevelt Dam.  On the return loop, we parted ways with Scott & Mandi and then hit up the Boyce Thompson Arboretum.


Took the Taco to Sheep Bridge…

March 18, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

My brother and I took a 100+ mile dirt trek out to Sheep Bridge and back. We took Cave Creek Road up to Bloody Basin Road, then East to Sheep Bridge. After lunch, we back tracked to the Cave Creek & Blood Basin intersection and headed West towards the Agua Fria National Monument and on through to I-17. Then we headed 60 miles down I-17 back to Phoenix.

Recent rain had little yellow flowers everywhere!

Took an easy run up GWT today…

March 10, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

Today was a wonderful day to head out to the Great Western Trail.  We cruised up Pima road to Cave Creek road and to Tonto Hills.  There we posed for some pictures with the “World’s Tallest Kachina Statue”.  From there we headed up to the old washed out 7 Springs Campground.  Not a really long ride, but enough to get out and have some fun.

World's Largest Kachina Statue

Las Vegas…

January 27, 2013 · Posted in Ride Reports, Work Stuff · Comments Off 

So last week, I had to be in Vegas for a the NAHB International Builders’ Show.  What better way to get there than ride?  I also wanted to take as many two lane highways as possible.  All in all, I covered 600+ miles there and back along some great Arizona and Nevada scenery, including Route 66!

Took the KTM on a 120+ mile desert ride…

April 22, 2012 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

I finally got to complete the full loop of The Great Western Trail to Bloody Basin to Sheep Bridge to Horseshoe Lake Dam. I fell off once and tipped over twice. If you are going to ride this loop, be careful of the two concrete water crossings in the 7 Springs Recreation area. They can be as slick as ice with all the damn algae buildup. I’ve crossed them half a dozen times with no problem, but I slipped on the second crossing and fell off in the middle of the concrete. Not hurt, but busted off a mirror :(

The most challenging areas though, was the going down the rocky incline on the East side of Sheep Bridge and getting up the West side of the path down to the crossing under the dam. I tipped over on both those spots. Thankfully, I had a riding buddy there to help me get the bike up. It is a lot of work to do this loop in 100F weather. Other than a little heat exhaustion that set in once I got home (headache and throwing up), it was a decent ride.

Made it up to the 7 Springs area again…

October 23, 2011 · Posted in Ride Reports · Comments Off 

This time I camped out, just off the trail of NF-41. Nothing super exciting, but it was nice to get out of the city and away from everything. The 7 Springs Campground was PACKED, so I kept on riding past it and went up to NF-41 and went West. There weren’t too many good spots to camp and there were tons of people out there just blasting their guns for fun or hunting white tail deer. Anyhow, I found a spot and enjoyed the peace and quiet once the sun set.

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